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Scarface The World Is Yours Pc: esplora Miami negli anni 80 - Eurogamer

Scarface The World Is Yours Pc: A Review

If you are a fan of the classic 1983 movie Scarface, starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, you might be interested in playing Scarface The World Is Yours Pc, a video game that lets you relive and rewrite the story of the iconic drug lord. Released in 2006 by Radical Entertainment, the game is a third-person action-adventure that combines shooting, driving, strategy and RPG elements. In this article, we will review the game and tell you why it is worth playing.

Scarface The World Is Yours Pc Traduzione Ital

The Story

The game begins where the movie ends, with the famous scene where Tony Montana's mansion is attacked by Alejandro Sosa's men. However, unlike in the movie, Tony manages to survive the assault and escape from Miami. He loses his empire, his money and his reputation, but not his ambition. He vows to take revenge on Sosa and rebuild his drug business from scratch. The game follows Tony's journey as he returns to Miami and tries to reclaim his throne as the king of cocaine.

The game features many characters from the movie, such as Manny Ribera, Elvira Hancock, Frank Lopez, Omar Suarez and Gaspar Gomez. It also introduces new characters, such as Tony's loyal bodyguard Enrique, his lawyer George Sheffield, his banker Jerry and his arms dealer Felix. Some of them will help Tony along the way, while others will try to stop him or betray him. The game also features cameo appearances by celebrities such as Jay Leno, James Woods, Cheech Marin and Ice-T.

The Gameplay

The game is divided into four main areas: South Beach, Downtown, Little Havana and North Beach. Each area has its own missions, challenges, shops, safehouses and enemies. Tony can travel between areas by car, boat or helicopter. He can also use his phone to call his associates or access various menus.

The game combines different gameplay elements that make it fun and varied. Here are some of them:


As a violent crime lord, Tony will have to face many enemies who want him dead. He can use a variety of weapons to deal with them, such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, grenades and rocket launchers. He can also use melee weapons like chainsaws or baseball bats for close combat. He can aim manually or use a lock-on system that lets him target specific body parts. He can also use cover to avoid enemy fire or blind fire from behind cover.

Tony can also use vehicles as weapons. He can drive cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats and ram into enemies or shoot from them. He can also hijack enemy vehicles or steal them from civilians. He can also fly helicopters and use their mounted guns or missiles.

One of the most unique features of the game is the "balls meter". This meter fills up as Tony performs actions such as killing enemies, taunting them or destroying objects. When it is full, Tony can enter a "blind rage" mode that makes him invincible and more powerful for a short time. He can also use this mode to heal himself if he is wounded.


Tony's reputation is a measure of how respected he is in Miami. It affects how people react to him and what opportunities he has. He can increase his reputation by completing missions, buying properties, wearing expensive clothes or jewelry, driving luxury cars or boats or performing stunts. He can also decrease his reputation by killing civilians, destroying public property or failing missions.

As Tony's reputation increases, he unlocks new features such as more weapons, vehicles or associates. He also gains access to new areas or missions that were previously locked. He also attracts more attention from rival gangs or law enforcement agencies that will try to stop him.


Tony's empire is his drug business that he has to rebuild from scratch. He has to buy cocaine from suppliers in various locations such as islands or airports. He then has to sell it to dealers in different areas of Miami. He has to balance supply and demand and set prices according to market conditions.

Tony also has to protect his empire from rival gangs that will try to take over his territories or sabotage his operations. He can hire henchmen to guard his properties or assist him in combat. He can also upgrade his properties with security systems or decorations.

Tony also has to launder his dirty money through banks or offshore accounts. He has to avoid being detected by law enforcement agencies that will try to seize his assets or arrest him.


The game also offers a lot of freedom for Tony to explore Miami and do whatever he wants. He can interact with various characters such as civilians, prostitutes, celebrities or gangsters. He can buy clothes, jewelry, cars or boats from shops or dealerships. He can gamble at casinos or play mini-games such as golf or bowling.

The game also features a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system that affect the gameplay and atmosphere. The game also features a soundtrack that includes songs from the movie as well as original songs by artists such as Cypress Hill, Run DMC or Rick Ross.

The Graphics and Sound

The game recreates the 80s atmosphere of Miami with colorful graphics and detailed environments. The game uses a modified version of the RenderWare engine that allows for realistic lighting effects and shadows. The game also features destructible objects and ragdoll physics that add realism and fun to the combat.

The game features voice acting by Al Pacino himself who reprises his role as Tony Montana. He delivers his lines with passion and charisma that capture Tony's personality and emotions. The game also features voice acting by other actors from the movie such as Steven Bauer (Manny), Robert Loggia (Frank) or F.Murray Abraham (Omar). The game also features voice acting by celebrities who play themselves or fictional characters such as Jay Leno (Jay Leno), James Woods (George Sheffield) or Ice-T (The Sandman).

The Mods and Patches

The game has been enhanced by fan-made mods and patches that fix some issues or add new content. Some of these mods include:

- Widescreen Fix: This mod fixes the aspect ratio of the game for widescreen monitors. - HD Texture Pack: This mod improves the quality of the textures of the game. - ENB Series: This mod adds graphical effects such as bloom or depth of field. - Improved Soundtrack: This mod adds more songs from the movie or other 80s songs. - Italian Translation: This mod translates the game into Italian. The Conclusion

Scarface The World Is Yours Pc is a great game for fans of the movie or anyone who likes action-adventure games with a lot of freedom and variety. The game lets you relive and rewrite Tony Montana's story in an immersive way that makes you feel like you are him. The game combines different gameplay elements that make it fun and challenging. The game recreates the 80s atmosphere of Miami with colorful graphics and sound that feature voice acting by Al Pacino himself.

If you want to play Scarface The World Is Yours Pc Traduzione Ital (Scarface The World Is Yours Pc in Italian), you can download it from various websites such as , YouTube , SoundCloud , etc., but remember that if you like it you should buy it!


- Q: What are the system requirements for Scarface The World Is Yours Pc? - A: You need a Windows XP or Vista operating system, a Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD equivalent processor, 256 MB of RAM, a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 128 MB of VRAM, a DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card and 3 GB of free hard disk space. - Q: How long is Scarface The World Is Yours Pc? - A: The game has about 30 main missions and over 100 side missions. It can take you anywhere from 15 to 40 hours to complete the game depending on how much you explore and do. - Q: How can I save my progress in Scarface The World Is Yours Pc? - A: The game has an autosave feature that saves your progress every time you complete a mission or enter a safehouse. You can also manually save your game at any time from the pause menu. - Q: How can I change the language of Scarface The World Is Yours Pc? - A: The game has an option to change the language of the subtitles and menus from the main menu. However, the voice acting will remain in English unless you install a mod that translates it into another language. - Q: How can I get more money in Scarface The World Is Yours Pc? - A: You can get more money by selling cocaine, completing missions, taking over territories, robbing banks or stores, gambling at casinos or finding hidden stashes. You can also cheat by using codes that give you unlimited money or other benefits.


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