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Sonic Range Trance Legends Sylenth1 Soundset

In the late nineties the Virus b was clearly aimed at the very popular trance genre at that time, thanks to some awesome 3rd-party trance soundsets (factory presets were great too but geared toward a more general usage). These preset designers created a cool sonic aura you did not hear from synths earlier, and folks started to associate the sound of Virus B / C and their variants to trance / dance music at that time. Viruses became incredibly popular, this 'hitmaker' instrument appeared in everyone's setup. Hence, the decline of that classic millennium trance genre was a throwback: the 'trance-machine' Virus became 'obsolete' in the public opinion (which was an unfair impression). Later, the 'cheesy trance sound' originally appeared in Virus (and the synths mentioned at the top) has been re-created again and again (playing different rhythms and biased toward banging) just to use them in current EDM smash hits, usually played from Sylenth1, Nexus, often in heavily layered form.

Sonic Range Trance Legends Sylenth1 Soundset

Virus is exceptional in this regard: its sonic range is very wide without the sound quality at stake. It can be anything from harsh, super fat, aggressive, dark, crushed and digital sounding up to a transparent, warm and fluffy, volatile tone. Sure it does aliasing occasionally in the higher registers, but its beauty is in its unpredictability (this is a key of the Virus sound) and organic, sometimes futuristic nature. It is able to spit out evil basslines with huge sub content or evolving ethereal textures by your choice.

From one of Cakewalk's sound designers comes Powerhouse Dance Collection, containing a vast assortment of sounds for electronic dance music production, covering the entire range from modern trance to early 90's underground techno. The soundset ships with two versions - the Z3ta 1.5 version FXB file containing 128 sounds, plus the Z3ta 2 version which contains an additional 22 sounds for a total of 150 presets.


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