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Buying Disney Tickets On Craigslist

I would not suggest buying Disney Tickets on Craigslist, eBay or anywhere else that isn't an Official Disney Ticket Agent, too risky, never know if they are used tickets, tickets are not transferrable, against the law to sell used tickets ( I could go on and on )

buying disney tickets on craigslist

To avoid being scammed in your pursuit to take your family on a more affordable trip to Disney World, common sense is your best weapon -- followed closely by your credit card's charge dispute feature. When buying tickets to Disney World, we recommend sticking to major company names you have heard of and that will still be around if you have problems with your tickets. Buying from a random seller on the internet or person standing outside of a store in Florida isn't nearly as good of an idea as buying via a site with years (or decades) of experience selling Disney tickets.

Sgt. John Herd of the Livermore police department said buying any kind of ticket secondhand from a stranger is risky. He said scammers are adept at copying e-tickets, and there's often no way to know if a ticket with a bar code is good until it is scanned at the venue.

Did I "consider" buying tickets from Craigslist (even upon knowing its usually not advisable)?? Absolutely! Out of curiosity and to see wether I can save some money. Which is why I went on there and texted the people from the ads to see if they were legitimate. Once I started getting these shady responses I disengaged and just bought on Disney website. THEN "out of curiosity" I came on this post asking if anyone knew how they were able to sell these tickets. People "implying" things... sorry?

Sure , basically employees are give a certain number of free tickets for "friends and family " as a perk of working at the parks , so they park does not want the employees selling the tickets simply because they got them for free , they (the parks) consider it scamming for employees to sell their free tickets and if caught the employee could and probably will just get terminated and the person buying the tickets will either be let in the park or told to buy tickets from the ticket window, depending on what the person said after being question by park security ,best thing to do is play stupid and your fine .

Check availability for your preferred date before buying tickets. You can check dates here (this link will open in a new window so that you can have it ready for when you look at cheaper ticket options below).

For similar reasons, you should never purchase your Disney tickets from Craigslist, eBay or Facebook. These marketplaces allow anyone to sell tickets. You could be buying fake Disneyland tickets, stolen Disneyland tickets or real-but-completely-used tickets.

Though this practice is illegal in California and the police may not be enforcing it as much, the poster warns us that the only way to stop ticket scalping for now is to stop buying tickets from resellers.

The other great reason to avoid visiting for just one day is that these tickets aren't ever discounted to the general public. So, just think- you get more magic and you save money by going for more days. That's Disney logic for ya! If you obviously must visit for one day, consider buying a Disney Park Hopper ticket so you can see both! After all, you can't skip Disney California Adventure Park on your trip!

Unless Disney is running a promotion for packaged tickets, dining, or hotels, there is no benefit to buying directly from Disney. You will likely pay a higher price for an identical ticket you could get from a discount ticket supplier! 041b061a72


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