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FireFox Tweak Network 1.6 Add Ons _BEST_

Install the DeprecatedAddons add-on to get a list of all add-ons that should be removed. This is a list of add-ons that are going to be removed in Firefox 57, for example because they are deprecated by Firefox and workarounds are not available any more.

FireFox Tweak Network 1.6 Add ons

Download Zip:

Firefox 60.3 added support for new user default for location. This change impacts our network settings when one of our users (with our old location code) visits a site with our new location code. In response, we decided to sync the location code on tab close. If location settings are updated by default on close of tab, no need to close and reopen tab to sync location code (assuming that change did not roll over to any chrome). If you don't want a tab close always to update your location, you can use browser.sessionstore.exists=false in about:config.

Firefox 60.3 added support for automatic browser cache directory clean out . This change allows us to ensure that the whole cache directory (which comprises of the localStorage and sessionStorage locations) are cleared in a single operation. This is a major upgrade and improves performance of apps on Macs and Windows and should help reduce crashers.

Firefox 60.3 brought a major performance improvement with a significant reduction in the time spent calculating and rendering HTML on the initial page load. However, tab loading times were still slower than on the switch to a new location code. One of the problems with location codes on Firefox 60.0 was a change in the way Firefox handles links. Previously, Firefox would wait for all of the resources contained within the rel=prefetch links before it triggered the load. However, starting in Firefox 60.0, Firefox skipped the rel=prefetch links and triggered the load from the directly. This had the effect of not immediately loading all the resources contained within the links, which caused slow initial page loads in Firefox 60.0.


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