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Vidmate App 2018: A Review of the Features and Benefits

*** VidMate has launched a newer version in 2018! You can check it out right now. the new version has many updates on the user interface and on the downloading process of any file. The downloading will be faster and also easy to download videos from any source!

9apps vidmate download 2018

VidMate apk has updated its official versions for a periodical time. You can check the version that the vidmate has provided with the passage of time. We have recently added all the versions of the VidMate apk such as vidmate 9apps 2014 download, vidmate 9apps 2016, and vidmate 9apps 2011.

In July, researchers found new variants of Agent Smith as users downloaded infected Android apps from third-party marketplace 9Apps more than 25 million times, stealing ad revenue from more than 2.8 billion ad events from 2016 to 2018. Instead of creating new or fake apps, the fraudsters behind Agent Smith targeted popular apps installed on the infected devices, replacing them with malicious versions or abused ad ID tampering to force intrusive ads on users and redirect profits. It exploits Android vulnerabilities Janus, Bundle, and Man-in-the-Disk across three stages of an infection chain. Discovered and dubbed by Check Point as the first mobile malware to have weaponized all these flaws, the cybercriminals profited by taking the ad click profits from legitimate developers and advertisers.


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